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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  January 14, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> i believe these charges are >> he is vowing to stay on as san francisco's sheriff while he fights domestic violence charges. >> he is my husband and my son. this is unbelievable and completely wrong.
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>> his wife is defending her husband. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. he is charged with three misdemeanors. he faces one count each of domestic battery and endangering a witness. he surrendered where he was booked, photographed and fingerprinted. thomas roman is live at city hall. thomas? >> it has beg -- been quite a day. he was booked in the san francisco county jail by the same sheriff he is supposed to supervise. today's charges ended some speculation that as an elected official he would thought beheld accountable. he was looking tired and he stated he just received confirmation from the district attorney's office. >> it has been assigned to me. >> reporter: he quickly stated
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he will be vindicated of all wrongdoing. >> i believe that these charges are very unfounded. and we will fight these charges, and i am confident that in the endt we will succeed. >> reporter: george gascone is confident that the photographs that were submited and a text message conversation will be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. >> our decision here is just like in all domestic violences cases was based on the availability of evidence. >> reporter: the case is going forward even without the help of the wife. >> they are willing to testify, and it has been -- and it is probable in the domestic violence cases. >> reporter: he has not spoken to investigators, but she did speak her mind to reporters
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today. >> it is unbelievable how i say these words and i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together, and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. my husband and my son. this is unbelievable. >> his client is prohibited from seeing his wife and child through a protective order. >> he is quite upset this process does not allow him to be with his wife and child who he wants to be with. and they want to be with him. >> kathy black is the executive director of casa de lass madres gives them a time to make a decision. >> to convert that into a restraining order, and there is different kinds of restraining orders. and that restraining order covers visitation. it helps define where that child needs to be. >> the emergency protective
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order lasts for seven days and is automatically included. the district attorney could have made these charges felonies instead of misdemeanors, and the charge of endangerment alone carries a one-year jail sentence. despite all this, his attorney stalled us that his client will show up to work as the sheriff on tuesday morning. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. after the district attorney announced the charges, mayor ed leigh issued this saying, quote, i must review the facts and options available under the city charter, but i must ensure that we do not take steps that undermind the integrity of the criminal justice proceedings underway. former mayor willie brown says the sheriff should step aside at least for now. >> if any elected official finds himself in a position involved in domestic violence has to remove himself from any responsibilities until the matter is cleared up.
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>> he is expected to be in court on tuesday for his arraignment. >> they battled a huge fire in fairfield. eventually the flames engulfed the entire structure. a fire official tells us that arson is not suspected it. at least 50 firefighters were called in to help put out this fire. and authorities are still trying to determine what caused a section of natural gas pipeline to rupture and explode in solano county. it happened around 6:00 in a distribution field near rio vista. it took crews half an hour to cap the fire. the eight-inch line was scheduled to be de commissioned on tuesday. it is owned by vintage natural gas and not pg&e. a speeding car gutted a san bruno flower shop. a towncar coming down el
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camino real hit several cars before careening into this door where it burst into flames. >> he hit two cars over there. they tried to run. another car came and he sideswiped and tried to get out of the way and hit this and i saw the -- i thought the guy kept hitting the gas. i guess that has caused the spark. >> no word on the driver's condition or if drinking was involved. it remains under investigation. >> two eighth grade girls are guilty of what may be eating candy laced with marijuana. they were nauseous and throwing up. >> two children back from home and they in turn started to -- they gave it to a couple other children. two students were sick and
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left the hospital. >> one girl has been released and the other was still undergoing tests tonight. san jose police are investigating how the girls got uh hold of that pot-laced candy. neighbors say an elderly m would badly beaten during a vicious home invasion robbery in the sunset district is known to carry large amounts of cash from her business. a police task force is looking for leads in last night's assault near noriega. it left the 76-year-old victim in critical condition. another woman injured was a restaurant delivery woman who interrupted the robbery. both were beaten with a hammer and stabbed. >> our victim was an active community member. we would hate to think she was targeted specifically, but she does have, we believe, a pattern that she does every day. >> the 76-year-old woman owns several restaurants and a bakery near her sunset district home. and she is politically active
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in her community. her attacker is described a is a young cantonese asian speaking male. in union city, a high school teacher is under arrest accused of having sexual contact with a student. 38-year-old peter teaches at james logan high school in union city. he is facing charges of statutory rape. investigators say he was on his way to meet with the girl yesterday when he was taken into custody. according to the girl the relationship began when she was 16 and lasted for nine months. police say they are now looking for other possible victims. another east bay teacher accused of having sex with a student has reportedly admitted to the crime. 40-year-old marie johnson was charged with 24 counts of sexual assault. investigators with livermore police say that johnson's relationship with the 14-year-old granada high student began with text messages and facebook postings and instant messaging. they reveal the math teacher told officers she had sex with the boy dozens of times over a
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six-month period. governor jerry brown reiterated he is not giving up on his high speed rail dream for calf calf. this after two key leaders resigned. the jolt at the top brings louder cries to scrap the plan, but he is not backing down. >> we are going to build and we are not going to be stupid. we willisen to the critics and fix things and do the right thing. we are not going to go over board. we are going to be very careful and build incrementally as we go. >> taxpayer groups are not on board with the governor saying there is a growing sense that the $100 billion prog -- project is doomed. it will approve the sale of 3 billion in voter approved bonds to begin the project in the central valley. a growing number of democrats may now be joining republicans in saying no. up next, the 49ers and the saints. the stadium is set for the first playoff game in nine years. the hunt for tickets is still
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underway. also, 81-year-old actor gene hack man is in the hospital after getting knocked off his bike. plus, a san carlos man says this came from space. what he found in his backyard. and then later on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, and coming up next on "nightline" bible versus big mac. one town's battle against mcdonalds to preserve their way of life. and we go under water to show you a crocodile labyrinth
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nearly a decade, the 49ers are in the playoffs. for many fans it means wishing they had tickets selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. police are warning about scail pers to -- scalpers tonight. john is live at candlestick. >> reporter: this place is going to be packed. the gates open at 8:30 before the 1:00 p.m. kickoff. they will see extra police looking out for trouble and scalpers. >> all wait to the super bowl. >> reporter: they often worship the 49ers in the
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shadow of candlestick. on the eve of playoffs they are filled with hope and a little inspiration. >> whatever the game happen tomorrow, 49er all the way. saints come over here and look like they come visit. they just come visit and 49er all the way. >> reporter: they don't have what every 9er fan dreams of, these. tickets to the game against the saints. he bought them for $150 apiece a week before christmas. and now he has to give them to a friend because he has to work tomorrow. >> unfortunately i have to work tomorrow so i sold them to my friend. >> how painful was that? >> you really don't know. i don't want to talk about it. >> he tends bar at a pub filled with memorabilia from the days when the niners played in the landmark stadium right across the street. >> if they could make it to the super bowl all the betterment it is great for the city and we love it. >> on websites like stub hub there are tickets available
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ranging from $149 to more than $300. this website has safeguards against selling fake tickets, but the 49ers and san francisco police are warning fans against buying tickets from on-line sellers not reputable. >> buyer beware in that regard. if you do buy a ticket from a nonlicensed, nonreputable source and it turns out to be counterfeit, not only do you lose the money you pay, but you will not get into the ga >> police will be enforcing a new rule that cuts off tailgating at 1:30 once the game starts. >> you have to enter the game with your ticket and if you don't have the ticket you leave the premises. >> reporter: they will have 25% more officers here in uniform and plain clothes and keeping an eye on the large traffic jack expected tomorrow. live in candlestick, january olst -- john alston. >> larry will have a preview of the game in sports. overseas, at least three people are dead following a
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cruiseship accident off the coast of italy. it happened when the coaster concordia ran a ground. they heard a loud boom and followed by an announcement to don the life jackets. three bodies were recovered by three more spotted in the water. it is unclear whether they were passengers or crew. it is also unknown whether any americans were among the 4200 passengers and crew on board. oscar winner gene hack man is recovering after being struck by a car. he was riding his bike along this road in the florida key when's he was hit. hackman was thrown from this bike when a pick up struck his rear tire. the state highway patrol says the actor was not wearing a helmet. the star's publicist says gene hackman has bumps and bruises, but is going to be okay. we are expecting some major changes in the forecast. some rain is on the way. it is a few days away still. sand yaw patel is here --
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sandhya patel is here with a look at that for us. >> it will be a huge change when it gets here, and it will be the middle to latter part of next week. we are looking at the possibility of rain here and snow in the sierra nevada. it is a major shift from what we have been dealing with. we had record highs today. richmond 69 and 73 in hollister. it tied the previous record. it is january 13th and 81 degrees in salinas. unbelievable. 68 in san jose. it is 65 for you in san francisco. near 70 degrees in santa rosa. the numbers right now are falling. it is going to be cold again. you can see clearly why. clear skies and 37 for fairfield and 38 in santa rosa. we have low 40s in concord and livermore and moffett field as well and mountain view. here are the highlights. chilly tonight and mild tomorrow. sharply cooler for sunday. a potentially wet pattern is setting up for the middle to latter part of next week. it is a major change as i mentioned, and it is going to take us some time to get used to. it since the last time we saw rain was december 30th as far as measurable rainfall is
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concerned, spare the air is beginning at midnight. we are looking at poor air quality in the north bay and moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area for your saturday. and saturday morning starts off chilly. upper 20s to low 30s in the north bay and inland east bay valleys as well. mid30s around antioch. san jose 37 degrees. you will definitely need to bundle up first thing in the morning if you are heading out early. mild again for one more day as this ridge of high pressure hangs on. but it will be just a touch lower in terms of our temperatures tomorrow than today. sharply cooler as this cold front starts to come down on sunday. and what it is really going to do is bring cooler air down toward the bay area. we are going to see high clouds move in as well and low clouds coming in from the coastline. big difference on sunday. it is back down to normal, but it is a cold and dry front. we are not expecting rain on sunday. changes are coming very quickly with the front going through. a fire weather watch for the lake tahoe area for sunday.
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gusts to 55 miles an hour. low humidity. this is unusual to see in the winter time, but we are expecting it. they could be seeing snow before long. look at this computer animation. finally we see rain in the bay area. a mix of rain and snow in the sierra nevada. and wet weather is off and on and continuing for your thursday and even parts of your friday. look what is out here for the following weekend. we really are in for some big changes. i am giving you advanced warning so you can find your rain gear. i know it has been a week since we last saw rain. 64 degrees in santa rosa and san mateo and oakland and fremont. 65 for new concord, san jose. a nice looking day. a mix of sun and high clouds and around the monterey bay. 69 in salinas and inland in hollister. niners' forecast as they host the saints, mostly sunny skies. the temperatures in the low 60s at the time the game begins. dropping down into the upper 50s later on. so really beautiful weather at candlestick park.
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a light wind and normally it is breezy out there. but we are expecting it to remain light. spare the air for your saturday. much cooler on sunday. martin luther king, junior day. it is back to reality in the bay area. chance of rain on wednesday. rain likely for thursday and friday. it has been long overdue. >> a longtime coming. >> well, hopefully it will arrive next week. >> i am hoping because it is much needed in the bay area. >> thank you, sandhya ?ie. well, take a look at this. it looks like a rock, but a castro valley man believes this one is from out of this world. stay with us. 
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out of a movie, bought truck driver believes his dog discovered a meteor right in his backyard. the hayward daily review reported that mitch maderos found this rock in castro valley on wednesday. he says he called the lawrence livermore laboratory to find out if it is the real thing. maderos is now waiting for test results. friday the 13th has turned into a very lucky day
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for a san jose couple who claimed their $200 million lottery jackpot today. he was buying food for dinner last month while there buying a ticket. $208 million later he and his wife christine are glad they did. >> we feel so lucky, but it is still just completely surreal. the first few days you don't believe it. and then it starts to settle in and it is feeling so lucky. >> he is a financial analyst. they will take the lump sum payment meaning $101 million in their bank. wow. >> nice to be them. >> no kidding. i think all of us are like, what would i do? >> nice to be the 49ers right now.
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>> the saints' offense looks like a juger not. can the 49ers stop drew brees? we present indisputable visual evidence that it can be done. sports is next.
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despite popular belief and what the statistics seem to indicate. drew brees is human. he can be beaten. the 49ers host the saints tomorrow afternoon, 1:30
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kickoff. new orleans look invincible in their dome. it is not the same on the road. the niners have the edge on defense and special teams, but the saints are clearly with an advantage on their offense and with experience new orleans is just two years removed from winning the super bowl while the vast majority have never been to the post season. jim harbaugh has playoff experience as a player. what did he tell his own players preping for the biggest game of their careers? >> a guy doesn't have to do too much. he has to do his job and he has the ability to trust his team because he is on a good team. prepare and understand the saints as well as possible. >> stopping brees and the the record setting offense difficult, but not impossible. he threw 14 picks on the year and three in one game. a loss to tampa bay. the saints are 5 and 3 on the road this year lose together bucs, the rams and


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